About FlexProp

FlexProp supplies the automotive and aerospace industries with lightweight production equipment. By combining composite materials and a patented methodology for design and manufacturing, FlexProp offers robust and lightweight production equipment for various applications—everything from small manual tools, fixtures, jigs and handling devices to large structures.

By combining state-of-the-art design tools, innovative design and skilled workmanship, FlexProp is recognized as the leading supplier of lightweight production equipment for the automotive and aerospace industry.


Karl-Otto Strömberg, the founder of FlexProp, started his business in 1986. As the name FlexProp indicates, it all started with various types of propellers in composite material. Since 2003, the business has solely focused on lightweight production equipment mainly for the automotive and aerospace industries.


FlexProp is located on the west coast of Sweden two hours north of Copenhagen, capital of Denmark, and 1.5 hours south of Gothenburg, the heart of the Swedish automotive industry. The business is housed in a plant built in 2010 for FlexProp’s particular needs.


FlexProp is owned by Karl-Otto Strömberg (100%) through holding company Strömberg Innovation AB.

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